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A Review of the Month..
Michelina Elessar2013-06-01 00:45:42
May was a crazy month. We came back from our short down time, we lent a hand to a neighbor's site, and now we are into the next month of the year.

I want to thank our two donators this month Geist and Lumen Atrum. Without them the site would not have re-opened.

Happy June Birthday Wishes to:

Savvy Jar Remzy 2
Jason Sheppard 2
Neoteric Miroku 10
Lord Athzaria 12
Felix MacDonnald 12
Casari Onasi 16
Michelina Elessar 20
Savodia Naylan 20
Neoteric Ookami 21
Neoteric Jase 24

Not many of you participated in the Coalition Wars.. but the Suwa Jem won't stop coming unless we stop them.
Please help.. May's strongest Coalition's are listed below.

Thank you!
Top 10 Coalitions
Coalition NamePoints
The Brokerage1697
Legion of Life1116
Cybernetics Tech Corp12

Top 10 Players
Player NamePoints
Perceptive Christopher Kramer885
Michelina Elessar492
Lumen Atrum300
Seasoned Snow Kitteh238

News for Wed, Apr 16, 2014
Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.
Quote: <InTeL> Admiral Derick raises his fists to the sky dramatically and yells curse you database! Curse you for stealing my wife!
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