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Forest Training -October 1st, 2012
Elite hindrance installed. Will make it a bit harder for those over 100 sj kills.
Pages Modified: elitehindrance.php

Clan -October 1st, 2012
Clan point system installed and activated.
Pages Modified: clanpoints.php

Petitions -October 1st, 2012
Petitions modification done, moved to right nav for SU.
Pages Modified: petitioncount.php

Sunday, Sept. 30th -October 1st, 2012
Keyring loaded.
Bio Music module downgraded from 3.2 to version 2.5 to work on AS.
Developer no timeout window installed to make it easier for staff to work.
Auto level installed, accessible from Preferences.
Updated Equipment shop: more categories and no need to make purchases in specific order Thanks HunterD!
Ribbons of appreciation installed.
Pages Modified: keyring.php, biomusic.php, devnotimeout.php, autolevel.php, mysticalshop.php,ribbon.php

Saturday, Sept 29th KICKOFF Day -October 1st, 2012
Moved site from WIP to main domain!

Admin Rewards loaded.
Custom Pokes, points set, turned on in Lodge.
Delete dwelling commentary added, for gamers to do for themselves.
Avatar module fixed after a lengthy chat with server tech support. Thanks HunterD!
Pages Modified: adminrewards.php, custompoke.php, dwdelcomm.php, avatar.php

September 27 - When changes were made -October 1st, 2012
Loaded Militaristic Human with Petrovika city, image working
Loaded Revolutionary Human with Tarthen city, image working
Donator race of Suwa Jem, loaded, tested, works, Ship - Moloch plus image
Engineer specialty loaded, tested, good run
Blacksmith levels moved to forge on new site for all players
Backstory for site added to Affiliates list and as an External Link
Journalist specialty done, loaded, tested, good
Physician specialty done, was throwing error, fixed by HunterD.
Pages Modified: human2,php, human3.php, racedonsuwajem.php, specialtyengineer.php, clanforge.php, backstory.index, specialtyjournalist.php, specialtyphysician.php

September 22 - When changes were done. -October 1st, 2012
Moved Petra's tats (all three), Artifact quest, Avatars, Sith Kill Display, Mount Upgrade, Casino, PG Gift Shop (all three), and Multi slots to the uninstalled list.
Activated Voodoo priestess.
Pages Modified: voodoopriestess.php

September 6th - When work was done -October 1st, 2012
Made new logo image.
Made changes to default template Black: font family, placement of logo, and size of font.
Mounts redone to include bikes, SUV's, air speeders, freighters, and sports cars; also redid all stats and based on dk.
Companions redone and gradually building up in strength and abilities based on gamers dks.
Dwellings refurbished to include less keys for shack and farmhouse and only 3 dwellings max globally, in hopes of cutting down useless abodes on server.
Changed marriage flirt items & costs.
Arthaenon: city image, description, and colors done. (will be added to the human race)
Petrovika: city image, description, and colors done. (Will be added to milhuman race)
Changed mail images for old and new mail.
Pages Modified: black.css, mounts.php, companions.php, dwellings.php, marriageitems.php, newscroll.gif, oldscroll,gif

September 5th - When work was done. -October 1st, 2012
Droid shop had some tweaks done to remove the SW style work.
NPC for squire and chat turned on.
Updated the weather outputs.
Required new accts to have email verfication.
Turned off news for leveling against Master's.
Content expiration changed.
Installed and set Mechanical Turk.
Added ability to Restore an Auto-deleted character.
Installed updated version of Medallion Hunt and set to seek water droplets.
Pages Modified: droidshop.php, npcchat.php, weather.php, create.php, masters.php, settings.php, mechanicalturk.php, charrestore.php, medcontest.php

September 4th - When work was done. :) -October 1st, 2012
Crazy Audrey animal changed to llama. Jones Cave item to find list redone. Site titles changed. Cost of lodge items changed. Staff Symbols redone.
Pages Modified: crazyaudrey.php, jonescave.php, titles.php, staffsymbols.php

Ajax Commentary -September 3rd, 2012
Fixed the duplicating chat hooks that attach to the commentary such as the quote editor and such.
Pages Modified: ajaxcommentary.php (HunterD)

Dwellings -July 18th, 2012
If a gamer acct expires the any dwellings will first go to spouses and if there is none, it is sold. Cost for name change increased to 25 gems and 2500 gold. Cost to change private dwelling descrip increased to 10 gems and 1000 gold. Cost to change public dwelling descrip increased to 10 gems and 1000 gold.
Pages Modified: gamesettings, dwellings core, castle dwellings

Dwelling Coffers - Castles -July 11th, 2012
Increased Gold storage amount to, 50000000000. Increased gem storage amount to, 250000000.
Pages Modified: castledwellings

Changelog -July 11th, 2012
Small edits in color and where is shows up in grotto for staff to use more readily.
Pages Modified: changelog.php

Affiliates -July 11th, 2012
Cleaned out sites that no longer link to AS. Cleaned out dead urls from 2010 contest winners. Inserted new url for Barker proboards. Moved this mod to AS Extras along with other site links.
Pages Modified: link.php

Slots Images -July 11th, 2012
These were directed to the wrong images folder. There were moved to the right folder.
Pages Modified: images/slots

Casino -July 11th, 2012
Player suggested one be built in Tatooine!
Pages Modified: casino

Planet Images -July 11th, 2012
Loaded planet images on server to speed up page load time for site. No need to call on off-site images.
Pages Modified: cityimages.php

Duplication -July 11th, 2012
Cleaned out the duplication in the city prefs, some planets were listed twice.
Pages Modified: cityprefs

Travel -July 11th, 2012
Fixed an issue with the php memory allowances on the server that inhibited the travel (cities.php) to move without the WSD.
Pages Modified: cities.php

PT's -July 9th, 2012
Increased the private transmission allowance to 70 (read mail + unread mail =or<70)
Pages Modified: gamesettings

Shout Out -June 22nd, 2012
Used different hex color to show up on all skins.
Pages Modified: shoutout.php

Site Templates/Skins -June 20th, 2012
Request by Jeyne for the cupertino skin (white background). Added.
Pages Modified: cupertino

The Antiquities Cart -June 20th, 2012
Still had a few untranslated spots mentioning green dragon. Caught by Novelus. Now fixed. XD
Pages Modified: signetseries

City Pics -June 20th, 2012
I changed a few since it has been months with those pics. I hope you like the new ones and that they spark some new rp.
Pages Modified: cityimages.php

Staff Symbols -June 19th, 2012
We finally have these working thanks to HunterD!!
Pages Modified: staffsabers.php

BBC Codes -June 19th, 2012
You may now use.. italics [i] [/i] bold [b] [/b] underline [u] [/u] size [size=15] [/size] while in the chats. XD
Pages Modified: bbcode.php

City Events -June 19th, 2012
Added this. It allows for unique NPC posts, individualized by city, or in this case planet.
Pages Modified: cityevents_v0.01

Staff List Updated -June 19th, 2012
Updated stafflist to show the new ingame/title rank that staff may addressed by.
Pages Modified: stafflist.php

Quote: <LoL> Chief MedTech HunterD dances to improve production value.
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