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We would like to make it perfectly clear that this site is not authorized or owned by anyone other than the person listed in the Site Council list. We acknowledge that everything Suwa Jem theme related belongs to the site owner as creator of the name and description. If any of the content on this website is unacceptable to the copyright holders of any likeness or description that might be similar then they should email the server owner at iammichelina@gmail.com, or by the Petition for Help link at the top of every page, or by emailing adminalteredstate@gmail.com. The content will be removed immediately upon request from authorized individuals only, and only if the material in question presents an infringement issue.

This site is a not-for-profit website. There are no paid staff members. All the money that is raised via the Paypal Site button is used to pay for the server fees, domain registration coverage yearly, and basic computer maintenance for the purpose of coding of modules. Any additional money left after the termination of this website will be sent to the author of LoGD via the Paypal Author button.

The usage of this site is on an as-is basis, and could be terminated at any time if the respectable copyright owners demand it by sending an email or petition, or if there is insufficient time or budget money.

Your agreements if you use this site:

- You must be at least 13 years old to play.

- You must not solicit for any other gaming sites.

- You must abide by the simple rules set before you by the staff.

Thank you for your time. If at any time anything within our terms, privacy policy, or rules are unclear please contact staff within the game, petition for assistance, or directly contact the site owners at adminalteredstate@gmail.com.

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